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We do not offer intrastate moves unless in California.

Sterling | The Los Angeles Spinet Piano Mover

Sterling is a highly professional piano moving and storage company, operating in the industry for more than 30 years. We are the specialized spinet piano movers who can be trusted to cover your relocation needs, whether it is a local move or a long-distance move in the USA.

We move all kinds of pianos from Upright pianos, Spinets, Baby Grands, to Grand and Concert Grand Pianos within and outside the state of California. Our Los Angeles spinet piano movers have been part of thousands of successful piano moves.

At Sterling, we’re proud that our success owes to our obligation to customer satisfaction. Our skillful piano moving solutions are what make us one of the best spinet piano movers Los Angeles has to offer.

Sterling - Practice & Perfection

Sterling is a professional piano moving and storage company in Los Angeles with trained and experienced spinet piano movers available for full-time service.

We offer clients a door-to-door pickup and inside delivery service. Your instrument protection is always assured and included in our moving quote. We care to wrap and strap the piano well before loading onto the van so that it keeps free from scratches.

It takes special skills, training, and equipment to safely move a spinet piano from one destination to another and Sperling has executed the job with perfection repeatedly. Our Spinet piano movers have been trusted with every make, model, and size of the piano all across the USA. We work hard to ensure great satisfaction to customers with every spinet piano move we regularly perform for them.

Efficient & Prompt Spinet Piano Moving

Sterling has been undertaking spinet piano moves with careful planning, measurement, navigation, exclusive equipment, and efficient movers for many years. Being the smallest and simplest of the piano family, and easiest to navigate through stairwells and doors, spinet piano moving is no less challenging for the uninitiated.

With 30+ years of moving experience and positive customer reviews, you can be sure that your piano will safely move with us. Our spinet piano movers can promptly handle any issue they run into. Stairs, corners, elevators, and terrains don’t worry us!

Your Spinet Piano Mover Service

The spinet piano is the lightest and smallest of the piano family, a compact vertical piano in real life. Despite its fairly small size, the piano moving can turn out to be challenging.

Spinet pianos are likely to be 3 feet (36-38 inches) tall and around 58-60 inches long, a typical size most upright pianos have. On top of this, they weigh in 200-300 pounds, which makes our team extra attentive while moving them with proper care.

We use the right equipment along with unique tools to move a spinet piano fast and easy, especially up or down stairways. The items included in our piano moving service are:

  • Protective moving blanket(s)
  • Packing tape
  • Moving straps
  • Heavy-duty piano dolly
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Plywood planks

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What Does Our Professional Spinet Piano Mover Do?

  1. Each moving team is composed of 3 trained piano movers.
  2. We disassemble each piano part including lyre, lid, and lid hinges.
  3. From wrapping to padding all these individual piano parts, we take care of everything.
  4. After securing the piano top, keyboard cover, etc, our spinet piano movers proceed with the removal of its front and rear legs.
  5. We lift the piano and place it onto the piano board.
  6. We use thick and heavy blankets to wrap the piano body, allowing for air vents.
  7. Then comes the job of carefully strapping the piano to the piano board.
  8. We gently lay the piano board on a specialized dolly and transport it to the moving van.
  9. We lift the piano off the dolly and load it onto the van, making sure that it does not shift midway or bump against the walls or doors.
  10. Our spinet piano movers finally go ahead with transporting the piano to its new destination.

Moving your vertical or spinet piano safely to its destination needs much more than muscle power and care. Due to its significant size and weight, the spinet piano move is never a one-man affair.

Tens of thousands of people have already tried our experienced movers for their vintage, new, collectible, and family heirloom instruments and found their experience more than satisfactory.

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