Baby Grand Piano Moves in Los Angeles

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We do not offer intrastate moves unless in California.

Move Baby Grand Piano - No Stress, No Mess

Our professional Los Angeles piano movers transport baby grand pianos, upright pianos, organs, and console pianos, and have been doing so for families, musicians, and studios within the USA for the last 30 years. We are known for providing residents of Los Angeles full-service piano moving and storage solutions beyond the level of satisfaction, whether a long or short distance move or across the nation.

If you feel stressed thinking about how to move a baby grand piano within Los Angeles, California, or to or from any of the 48 contiguous American states, we can get you covered. We practice the best methods in disassembling, padding, loading, and transporting baby grand pianos to prevent injury, adding to your satisfaction.

Sterling - Fully Efficient and Equipped

Sterling is no doubt a specialist in handling the finer points involved in the baby grand piano move. Whether it is a short and petite grand piano, a medium grand piano, or a full-size grand piano, our dedicated piano movers take good care of your fine instrument so as to leave you satisfied.

Whether you want to move a baby grand piano in your house, to the top or bottom floor, down the block, or to a concert hall, within the state or across the USA, Sterling’s piano movers can serve your needs efficiently.

We carry all the specialized equipment required to move a baby grand piano of any size. Our full-time movers know exactly how to disassemble, pad, wrap, strap, lift, turn, and transport pianos from baby grand and medium grand to full-size grand pianos. We use a custom-fit delivery van that is individually equipped to save your piano from road bumps while on its way to the new destination.

Sterling is licensed, awarded, and insured for piano moving services in California, and the 48 neighboring states.

We Move Baby Grand Pianos to Your Doorstep

We know baby grand pianos in and out, and how to move baby grand pianos from one place to another in a timely and safe manner. Regardless of the size and weight of your baby grand piano, consider our experienced movers to treat your instrument with the ultimate care.

We have been carrying out door to door grand piano moving and in-house delivery services for decades. Our trained staff and investment in specialized equipment enable us to do the job properly.

We expertly pack, wrap, and load the piano to make sure it keeps safe throughout the move. From using a 4 wheel piano dolly sturdy enough to bear your piano’s weight and a long piano board to securely strap it for the move, we assure everything.

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Our Baby Grand Piano Moving Services

We move baby grand pianos of all makes and models within and outside of California. Get in touch with us to book a grand piano moving service including:

  1. Petite Baby Grand Pianos: Grand pianos whose length varies in between 4'5” to 4'10”
  2. Baby Grand Pianos: Grand pianos whose length varies in between 4'11” to 5'11”

How Sterling Moves a Baby Grand Piano

  1. We appoint at least three movers to the job.
  2. We start with disassembling the piano parts and removing the lyre, lid, and hinge pins before wrapping and padding them properly.
  3. While two of the movers lift the left corner of the piano, the third one helps in removing its front leg.
  4. We lower the legless side of the piano and keep it onto the piano board.
  5. We proceed with the removal of the remaining two legs on the rear side of the piano.
  6. We properly wrap the whole body of the grand piano with protective blankets excluding air vents to avoid any condensation gathering inside.
  7. Securing the piano to the piano board, we bring the loose ends of the straps and tie them together.
  8. We tilt the piano board a bit and keep a 4-wheel piano dolly beneath the center to help it move up to the van or truck.
  9. We load the wrapped and strapped piano onto the truck to start moving to its new destination.
  10. We then reverse the process and reassemble your piano at your chosen destination.

A baby grand piano is small in size, rich, and beautiful which needs to be disassembled in a completely different way. It is half in weight when compared to that of an upright piano. You always need professionals who would apply less pressure in detaching each individual part while moving it at zero risks of breaking or damaging internally or on the exterior.

Choose Sterling to move baby grand pianos when the need arises! Call to schedule today!

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