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We do not offer intrastate moves unless in California.

Sterling has been moving pianos in Los Angeles and beyond for the past 30 years. Moving a piano can be a strenuous and stressful undertaking. Trust your piano move to professionals who have the experience and equipment to make it easy.

Sterling Professional Service

Sterling is a licensed and insured piano moving company offering you reasonable move and storage packages. Whether it is a task of moving your upright piano or spinet to your new place across the street, a concert grand piano to the performance venue, or an organ into or out of a church, we quote the best price.

Pianos are not just heavy, they can also be fragile, and they require great care when moving any distance. We ensure they continue to look good and play well for years to come.

To keep your instrument safe during transportation, the careful lifting and troubleshooting skills of our experienced piano movers will be more than enough. Ask for the best piano moving cost from us!

Our Tailored Piano Moving Cost

A piano has a delicate structure and extreme weight that demands professionals with detailed expertise to move them confidently. We price our services economically with no hidden costs. Our piano moving cost will vary depending on the specifics of your piano and location.

Moving a piano can be nerve-racking. Piano moves can be residential or commercial, local, or long distance. Pianos consist of many moving parts, which can be very large as well as difficult to maneuver without the right equipment and manpower.

In many cases, pianos will need to go up or down flights of stairs, down the corridor and turn corners into another hall, and other tricky locations. Pianos often need to come out of our storage facilities for delivery at your doorstep.

Our professional piano moving service is the simple way to move your piano economically. You can be confident in the quality of our service and won’t have to face challenges or hurdles in getting your piano where it needs to go. Sterling tailors your piano moving cost to your exact circumstances to ensure you get the best price.

What Determines Piano Moving Cost?

The following things are crucial in deciding your piano moving cost with us:

  1. Weight and size - the lighter and smaller your piano is, the cheaper would be our piano moving cost because it requires less effort to lift and move.
  2. The distance of move - How long do we need to transport your piano across the city/state or the nation? The more the distance, the higher our piano moving cost.
  3. Difficult area - A sharp driveway, a bumpy road, curved staircases, slippery steps, hilly area, and more contribute to our piano moving cost.
  4. Time in storage - If you need to store your piano with us before final delivery.

Extra Services

We offer additional services to our Los Angeles piano moving clients, such as crating, short notice moves, and more. If there are unique circumstances to your piano move, or if you have questions about our piano move services, give us a call and we can provide answers or an estimate.

Sterling Rates

Based on different kinds of pianos and moving difficulties, we estimate piano moving cost differently. Our piano moving company begins with a base rate. Milage, flights of stairs, and other factors can increase the estimate.

An hourly charge – Our piano moving company can charge you on an hourly basis.

A fixed price – We can quote a fixed rate after determining the specific features of your piano move.

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