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    Different types of bathtubs in market

    A bathtub is a large container for holding water in which a person may take bath. Most modern bathtubs are made of acrylic and with fiberglass. There are also alternatives that are available in materials like enamel on steel or cast iron. A bathtub is usually placed in a bathroom either as a standalone fixture or in conjunction with a shower. There are two main styles of bathtubs that are commonly used. Western style bathtubs in which the bather lies down and these baths are typically shallow and ling. Eastern style bathtubs in which the bather sits up and these are known as Ofuro in Japan and they are typically short and deep. A round freestanding tub is especially unique and stands even more among other circular bath tubs. They are unlike drop in styles, install on top of the floor surface and often have more character to their shape. The user may be surprised to find out that most round bathtubs have modern lines and clean silhouettes. Most of the round models will take up quite a lot of space and they require a large bathroom for function and also for optimum impression.

    Japanese bathtubs:

    One can find a range of round bathtub shower materials with modern shapes and clean lines which are often birth unique material choice. They can also find circular freestanding tubs in materials such as stainless steel, copper, stones and also concrete to name a few. A plainer material includes acrylic and fiberglass. Japanese or soaking tub will give a soak for the life. These modern tubs are based on ancient Japanese bathing traditions that are designed to give soaker full head to toe bath and it is barrel like design and it also requires the bather to sit inside on a built in seat. Water rises to the neck to cover the soaker beyond what standard tubs can do, but the traditional Japanese tubs were made with wood and can still be found produced that way today, they also come in more modern materials that includes acrylic, copper, stainless steel and also with cast iron. They are attractive additions to home and one can find freestanding models of Japanese which are equipped with whirlpool technology. Usually these types of tubs are made of high quality acrylic, these tubs will give a complete soak and hydro massage therapy to the user and they also provide the soothing stream of water they want with the lovely design of Japanese tubs.

    Indulge Yourself With Contemporary Bathroom Furnishing Designs

    Enhance your well-furnished house with luxurious bathroom furnishing. Now a days, a perfect home completes with a perfect bathroom. A Bathroom with contemporary bath fittings is a must-have luxury for adding the value to your dream home. The aquatica offers several such accessories for your bathroom furnishing.

    An Exclusive bathing experience

    Believe it or not, a good bathing experience can make your day. And the same can be met with the perfect and luxurious bathroom fittings like contemporary bathtubs, Corner Bathtubs, Stone Bathtubs, Acrylic Bathtubs, Recessed showers, stand-alone tubs etc.

    Family consent matters

    A bathroom is a place where you and your family refresh themselves. So, when you start thinking about its furnishing, the family advice, and consent matters. And also, your younger generation may come with some exciting thought and design which you may skip.

    Choose fashionable bathroom furnishing

    Bathrooms are often ignored when we start thinking about interior decoration of our home. But, now the bathroom has become a status symbol in the society. If your guests walk into the bathroom and find the best quality fitting, modern bathtubs design etc. they cannot avoid wishing you for the selection of such a great furnishing designs. No matter how big or small the size is, the installation of interesting ultra modern luxurious models of the accessories can give a feel of satisfaction and happiness.

    Moderns shower for a great bathing experience

    Apart from tiles and other bathroom accessories, a contemporary and new model of a shower can be more impressive than the traditional one. There are several new styles of showers available in the market which will perfectly suit your desires.

    Expert advice is valuable

    The Aquatica is the place where you can find the best quality designs developed by experienced designers who are technically sound and work with the vision that a bathroom is a facility for self –indulgence.

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