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    4 tips on properly storing building bricks

    Building a new home is one of the most exciting milestones of modern times and should be considered a privilege. During the planning phase, various decisions must be made such as choosing quality building materials (building bricks, sand, cement etc.) and deciding on the layout of your home.

    Using bricks to build you house has many different advantages. It ensures a good indoor climate, durability and a good sale value. It is also costs effective, environmentally friendly and an added bonus is that it’s more sound proof than other materials.

    But what if your building project is projected to take a few months? Do you already have all your materials ordered and paid for? If so, you will have to know how to store your building materials properly.

    How to store your bricks properly
    There are a couple of things to consider if you have chosen to build your home using bricks. Storing them properly is important as they can get damaged or deteriorate. Here are four tips to keep your bricks in good condition during the building process

    1. Keep it dry during the building process
    Where your store your bricks is important as the elements can take its toll. Small amounts of rain will not affect bricks severely but a flooded storeroom sure will! Be cautious as to where you place your bricks, especially if you’re not planning on using them in the near future.

    2. Prevent theft
    Even though bricks are affordable, builders and contractors must buy them in bulk, which can add up to a large amount. Be sure to store your bricks in a gated area or in a locked storeroom.

    3. Pack them properly
    Bricks must be stacked neatly and tightly. If the pile is unstable your bricks can fall and break. Also be sure to keep them away from places of movement such as driveways where cars can bump into them easily.

    4. Trained personnel
    If you have employees working with your materials, consider placing emphasis on how they handle your bricks and make sure your builders are properly trained bricklayers! This will reduce your chances of wasting resources without knowing it.

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