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    Proper Surveillance for the Proper House Protection

    If you plan to install wireless surveillance, there is no need for a power supply for video cameras and wiring. For a home video surveillance system, a monitor is also not required, as the control of an apartment or a private house is conducted by the owners remotely via the Internet. Remote video monitoring allows watching children, as well as for sick or elderly relatives.

    If permanent video surveillance is not required, you should purchase and install video cameras equipped with motion sensors, the triggering of which leads to the inclusion of the recording mode of video information. In addition, upon the triggering of sensors, the system warns the owners of unauthorized intrusion and can signal the alarming rapid reaction group. The good at cctv Singapore option is perfect there.

    Choice of equipment

    Camera – the basis of the system

    The main element of any surveillance system is a video camera. It is on its parameters that the quality and reliability of video surveillance depends. Of course, for an ordinary apartment, you do not need to buy a luxury camera with the highest resolution and detail, which cost a lot of money, but you do not need to save on home security either.

    The main parameters of video cameras:

    • Sensitivity
    • Resolution
    • Useful signal to noise ratio

    Lens Capture Angle

    The sensitivity unit of video cameras is Lux (lx). This parameter determines the minimum level of illumination at which the camera will broadcast a sufficiently distinct image. So the sensitivity of the camcorder to 0.01 lx will allow seeing the image of the night landscape on a moonless night. In residential video surveillance systems, cameras with a sensitivity of 0.05 to 0.1 lux are usually used.

    In addition to the useful signal, any video camera generates a noise signal, the value of which should be as small as possible, since it clogs the main video signal. The noise on the monitor screen will be visible in the form of ripples or snow. The reliable singapore home improvement option is there now.

    This parameter is measured in decibels and for video cameras used in surveillance systems, it must be at least 45 dB. The signal to noise ratio of 48 dB is considered a very good indicator for CCTV cameras.


    The viewing angle of the video camera determines the controlled area of ​​the room or territory. This parameter depends on the focal length and the size of the photosensitive matrix. It should be noted that the smaller the focal length, the larger the capture area. There are cameras used in video eyes that give a viewing angle of 120 0. They capture a large area, but the image is very distorted, especially at the edges, so they are not used in video surveillance systems.

    Perfections for the Best Mortgage Plans Now

    Expensive housing has become a byword, but in light of the difficult economic events, the acquisition of its own corner has become an even more vague prospect. Literally a year ago, the mortgage would have been cheaper at times. Then, the average interest on the loan was 12 percent. Now the banks are targeting 17% or more. Nevertheless, everyone has a real opportunity to reduce the amount of possible payments.

    It starts with an analysis of the interest rate. At one time the choice of the author of the material fell on him. So, we want to buy an apartment in the secondary housing market worth 3,700,000 dollars (this is how much the author gave for housing two years ago).The interest rate that a bank can give you depends on several parameters. Now in the “bare” calculation we have to pay 47,133.01 dollars a month. The mortgage broker Geelong cares to answer all your queries regarding the same.

    Banks are not allowed to issue mortgages if the income is less than 70% of the amount of payments.

    How much should this citizen receive?

    • Term – 15 years. Why fifteen? In many calculations, this is the optimal time frame, allowing you to live several difficult years in the hope of inflation, and then breathe more freely.
    • First of all, it makes sense to become a participant in a salary project. Speaking in a simple way – to receive a salary on the card from the bank from which you are going to take a loan. Becoming such, you can expect to lower the rate of half a percent, which in terms of very considerable money.
    • The second way to lower the rate is to arrange insurance in the same bank. Here you have nothing to lose, because under the new legislation you still have to arrange insurance. So, by the first two simple manipulations, we have reduced our interest rate, and hence the amount of payments to 43,990.58 dollars per month.
    • The third loophole for lowering the interest rate may be a large initial deposit. Now the threshold of a minimum down payment is 20% of the cost of housing. That is, if the cost of your apartment is 3 700 000, then in order to qualify for a mortgage, you should have 740 000 dollars in your hands.
    • The most interesting begins with a threshold of 30%. Let’s say you have 1,100,000. For this amount, you can claim (as a participant in a salary project, making insurance in the same bank) for a mortgage with monthly payments of 38,640.37 dollars. But if you find ten thousand for a contribution, then you will already pay 38,039.35. As the percentage of the initial installment has increased, which means that the interest rate has changed?

    The difference is more than 10 000 dollars with the first picture

    In the future, such a jump will occur when reaching 50% or more, but in our conditions, you can seriously look at the range of 30% – 50% of the initial contribution.

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