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    Keep your laminate floor Clean and Shinny with Vacuum Cleaner

    Laminate flooring is gaining popularity among the house owners in comparison to the traditional flooring. When the floor is new it does not require much maintenance, but after some time it becomes dull if proper care and cleaning are not done.

    There are various types of flooring in a house and each one has a different cleaning method. Some cleaning methods are easy whereas some require great efforts and time.One of the famous types of flooring is laminate flooring which is installed easily and cleaned easily also. While following few simple tricks you can make your laminate floor as new as a branded one. Laminate flooring gives an impression of wooden flooring but in actual it is made up of a laminate which can be cleaned easily.

    Laminate flooring is made up by using layers of fiberboard which is impregnated with resins and chemicals. The chemicals help in improving the visual appeal and protect the flooring from damage too.

    Here are some tips to clean Laminate Flooring:

    •    The outer layer of the laminate floor can be kept scratch free by keeping sand and other harsh particles away from it.
    •    You can use a vacuum cleaner to keep the surface clean protecting from the scratches which can create a dull finish on the floor. Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors on a regular basis?
    •    Keep rugs at the entrance of the door to keep dust away from entering the house.
    •    Laminate flooring is waterproof, usually, but regular wet mopping can damage the lamination of the floor.

    Do not use any type of chemicals on the floor to get rid of the stains or marks. Small dust particles on the flooring create tiny cuts and grooves which makes the floor lifeless. Remove your shoes out so that no dirt enters the house and damage it.

    Placing heavy furniture on the laminate flooring can also scratch the floor.You should place carpet and rugs under the heavy furniture items so that it does not lead to marks on the floor.

    If you have small kids at your home try to clean the floor immediately if something spills on it. On daily basis clean the floor with a broom and for deep cleaning and removal of dust particles use the vacuum cleaner.Buy a vacuum cleaner which is a reputed brand for high performance.

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